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Registration for credits Summer School 2018

The Summer School is equivalent to a 3 credit course. It consists of 10 days of full-time academic activities, including up to five hours of lectures and one hour of discussion daily, for a total of 51 hours. Poster presentations are also planned.

Students who want to obtain these credits have to pay school fees that vary according to their status, on top of the Summer School fees (but the registration fee will be significantly reduced). In every case (shown below), you will have to register twice: once with the summer school, once with a university.

  • UQAM students (case 1)
    UQAM students register the same way they would for any course at UQAM. They might require permission from their program director, as the ISC100J (Bachelor) ISC800J (Master) and ISC900J (PhD) might not be part of their regular curricula. Advanced bachelor students might also register to the ISC800J, providing they get permission from their program director.
  • Quebec Inter-University Transfer students (Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (formerly known as CREPUQ) (case 2)
    Students must complete the form available online at http://www.bci-qc.ca/en/. You must be enrolled in a graduate program at your home university and register to the course ISC100J (Bachelor), ISC800J (Master), or ISC900J (Ph.D.) Payment of tuition fees have to be completed at your home university.
  • French students (case 3)
    You have to be enrolled in an exchange program BCI-France (formerly CREPUQ) and validate your registration at your home university. Payment of tuition fees and registration to the ISC100J (Bachelor), ISC800J (Master), or ISC900J (Ph.D.) have to be completed at your home university.
  • Other students (case 4)
    You have two options:

    • (case 4a) Register with UQAM as an “étudiant libre” (contact our Registrar’s Office), then register to the ISC100J (Bachelor), ISC800J (Master), or ISC900J (Ph.D.) at UQAM, and make arrangements with your own program so that they will accept these credits. Remember that you will have to pay tuition fees to UQAM on top of the Summer School fees (but your registration fee to the Summer Schoo will be significantly reduced )
    • (case 4b) Make arrangements with your own university in order for them to evaluate your work and grant you credits. In that case, you must send us the name and contact information of the professor who will be evaluating your paper. This will allow you to register paying the discount fee.  BUT if we haven’t been able to contact your university before the beginning of the summer school, you will have to pay the full price to attend to the conferences. Please note that you will receive no credits from UQAM.


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