The Recursive Mind

As part of the tennet conference (A biennial meeting of Theoretical & Experimental Neuropsychology, hosted this year at UQAM, Montréal,, prof. Michael Corballis will give a talk on the recursive mind.

June 22nd 2007 at 15h30 room DS-R510.

Keynote address by Prof. Michael Corballis, University of Auckland, New Zealand, Department of Psychology

The Recursive Mind

A number of mental capacities are widely regarded as uniquely human : these include language, counting, theory of mind, the concept of self, episodic memory, and mental time travel. A critical ingredient of all of them is recursion. Dr. Corballis will discuss the nature and evolution of recursion, and the challenge it poses for neuroscience.

The talk will take place in the room DS-R510, at Université du Québec à Montreal, 320 Ste-Catherine Street East.

Everyone is welcome !


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