The CSI’s mission is to promote scientific progress by pooling knowledge. This is done by educating students, implementing and maintaining partnerships, setting up multidisciplinary research teams and spreading knowledge inside and outside the Institute.


The Institute is creating a major in cognitive sciences program, which will enable cognitive sciences to be integrated into the existing educational programs. This multidisciplinary program will train students who are highly qualified to become involved in the Institute’s research projects (see Education). In the same spirit, the Institute encourages the interdisciplinary supervision of students’ theses.

The Institute also promotes the creation of interuniversity lecture programs (cycles of lectures, Summer school) and the organization of international symposia or conferences at UQAM.

Knowledge dissemination

The CSI participates in the creation and implementation of tools for providing and distributing information about resources, research and education activities in the cognitive sciences. These information platforms are intended for both internal and external use and will target primarily research professionals in cognitive sciences, but also informed users and amateurs and, to some extent, the general public.

The knowledge distribution methods the Institute favors include its website ; electronic auto-archiving of scholarly papers; the distribution of learning objects (courses, demonstrations, etc.); interuniversity lecture programs (cycles of lectures, summer school); and the organization of international symposia or conferences.