Summer schools

After the success of the 2003 summer school on the topic of categorization, the Institute created an ongoing program. You will find information on the preparations for the Institute’s current and former summer schools here.

Summer school 2018

In preparation!

Summer school 2016

The 6th summer school was held in 2016, directed by professor Serge Robert of the Philosophy Department. The theme will be Reasoning.


Reasoning is an important component in the treatment of information in complex neuronal systems. Our 2016 Summer School will study this topic from an interdisciplinary standpoint. The following topics will be addressed : recent developments in formal logic for the modeling of human reasoning; the experimental study of human heuristics, biases and fallacies; the computational modeling and simulation of reasoning; the neuronal foundations of reasoning; reasoning and cognition; reasoning and perception; reasoning and memory; reasoning and language; reasoning and evolution; logic and computation; the teaching and the learning of logic and arguing skills; creative inferences, analogies, induction and abduction.

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Summer school 2014

Web Science and the Mind


Cognitive Science and Web Science have been converging in the study of cognition as distributed (i) within the brain, (ii) between multiple minds and (iii) between minds and media. The 5th international  UQaM/ISC  Summer Institute will be on Web Science and the Mind. The four underlying themes are: 

(1) Homologies and analogies between minds and databases

(2) Interactions between individual minds and distributed databases

(3) Interactions between multiple minds and distributed databases

(4) Analysis of organization and activity in minds and databases

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Summer school 2012

The Evolution and Function of Consciousness

The theme of the fourth CSI/UQAM Summer School, the Evolution and Function of Consciousness, will be on the causal role of consciousness in brain and behavioral evolution and function -- with a very specific focus on the "hard problem" of explaining the causal status of consciousness itself. Distinguished thinkers from neuroscience, evolutionary biology, computer science, robotics, engineering, psychology, and philosophy will present, from the standpoint of their disciplines, what it means to be conscious, and how and why (some) organisms need to be conscious in order to be able to do what they do to survive, reproduce and function adaptively. For further information:

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Summer school 2010

The Origin of Language

The Summer Institute 2010, The Origins of Language, took place at Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal, Canada, 21th to 30th June. For further information :

A review of this summer institute has been published in Biolinguistics :


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Summer school 2008

Minds and societies

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Summer school 2003


Information on the 2003 summer school is available at the following address:

handbook on the summer school's topic has been published.

Credits for the summer schools

Students from Quebec universities and the University of Ottawa (Quebec Inter-University Transfer students) or any other university can obtain 3 credits during the Summer Schools.