Cognitio is a young researcher’s conference now held every two years at the Université du Québec à Montréal, under the auspices of its Cognitive Science Institute. It started in 2004 from a student's initiative.

Over the past several years, Cognitio has been a colloquium where many facets of the human mind were explored. We looked at the relationship between mind and its material substrate (2004), at human decision making (2005), at situated minds (2006), at social cognition (2007), at the evolution of minds and cultures (2009), at non-human minds (2011), at creative minds (2013) and at different minds (2015).


Cognitio 2015 - Atypical Minds: the Cognitive Science of Difference and Potentialities.

Cognitio 2013- Creative Minds: Cognitive Sources of Art and Discovery

Cognitio 2011 — Nonhuman Minds: Animal, Artificial or Other Minds

Cognitio 2009 — Changing Minds: Cultures and Cognition in Evolution

Cognitio 2007 — Connected Minds : Cognition & Interaction in the Social World

Cognitio 2006 — Beyond the brain: embodied, situated & distributed cognition

Cognitio 2005 - Cognitive Decision-Making: Empirical and Foundational issues

Cognito 2004 - Matière et esprit | Matter and Mind